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Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite

Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite
Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite
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Meet Hamilton Troll, a fun-loving friend to the forest creatures and quite a unique little troll. But Hamilton has a problem, a fear he simply can not control and it is up to Pink Light Sprite to help him resolve his problem.Follow Hamilton as he takes this exciting journey down the forest path. He will meet new friends that he will always remember and he will in-turn help others when they need him most. 

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Pages: 46
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9882745-7-0
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Bed Time, Educational
Features: Illustrations, Photos, Narrations, Sounds
Keywords: troll, fairy, fear, storm, flood, friends, rainbow, plants, squirrel, owl
Date Added: June 19, 2014
2015 First Place Children's Educational Series
By the stump of a tree, inside a big hole, There lives a nice guy, named Hamilton Troll. A very short chap, with a cheery smile Whose face can be seen as far as a mile. His head is the shape of an upside-down pear, And it’s topped with a mop of tangled red hair. He wears a flat hat with a patch on the rim, So everyone he knows will be sure to find him. His eyes are like chocolate, big, brown and fat. His pants are all faded on the place that he sat. Wearing neck tie and vest, he tries to look good. He was taught by his mother, that he always should. His heart is as big as a giant brick house, Even though Hamilton’s as small as a mouse. He walks through the woods helping all of the bugs Gather food, nuts and grain and giving out hugs. Everyone loves to hear Hamilton giggle He starts out quite bold and his belly does jiggle. In the forest his name rings out like a bell With songs of the troll with stories to tell. Hamilton’s a troll all filled with glee, He’s as fun as a cricket, all his friends agree. But there are times when Hamilton fills up with fear, Times when the sky darkens to drear, A time when tree branches snap in the breeze, A storm rolling in knocks about those loose leaves. The sky turns to dark, in the bright of the day, And rumble and grumble then suddenly give way, To a blanket of raindrops that fall to the ground, And flood out his hole, Hamilton could drown! When this happens Hamilton will run. He runs to a safe place until it is done. He leaps over flowers and skips around trees, ‘Till he finds his safe place where he falls to his knees. A place that he calls the ‘Hide Away Flop’ Where he goes every time the sky tries to drop. Big leafed plants like green elephant ears Would cover the area and shelter his fears. No home he could make it, no walls, just a roof, But on days like this that roof would sure do. As the storm ended leaving a rainbow or two, The flowers did