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Hamilton Troll meets Fiona Dog

Hamilton Troll meets Fiona the Dog
Hamilton Troll meets Fiona Dog
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Things are going missing, so the animals think someone is stealing. Hamilton Troll doesn't want to believe it, that is, until he gets carried away. Dropped onto Fiona's pile of toys, Hamilton realizes he needs to teach her not to take things, and to return everyone's stuff so she won't get in trouble.

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Pages: 39
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-941345-17-7
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations, Narrations, Sounds
Keywords: hamilton troll, dog, taking, stealing, mine, share, rhyming
Date Added: May 10, 2016
2015 First Place Children's Educational series
It was a typical day in Hamilton’s woods All hard at work, gathering goods. The ants were collecting food for the Queen. The squirrels were busy, trying to clean. The birds were singing, as they taught youth to fly, Pointing high, higher up, in the brilliant blue sky. Hamilton hummed as he walked down the trail, When he heard Amara Armadilla start to yell. “Where is my broom? I had it right there! Who took my broom? Who? Who would dare?” Everyone stopped and all stood there silent. No one was guilty. No need to be violent. Violent - But Amara Armadilla was down right upset. She thought someone hid it, just certain, she’d bet. A few minutes later, he heard Rudy the Rat, Screaming about, his now missing hat! “I took it off for a moment, and sat it right there. When I turned to retrieve it, it was missing. I swear!” Retrieve - Hamilton thought the wind blew it away. But Rudy was sure, it must be fowl play. He heard someone say that a wreath had gone missing, He looked over his shoulder, when he heard the snake hissing. Susie the snake always talked through her tooth But the one thing about her, she did tell the truth. Hamilton now worried, went back to his hole, He had to resolve this. That was his goal. But as he arrived, his eyes opened wide, His ladder was missing, he could not get inside! Feeling very upset, things truly were gone. Someone was stealing.