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Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk

Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk | Online Kid's Book
Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk
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Meet Skeeter, an excitable skunk who just wants to join Hamilton Troll and the other critters in their big Stick-Nut Game.  However, Skeeter has a little problem. Whenever he gets scared or startled, out comes a Pe-Yew! So it is up to Hamilton and his friends to help Skeeter control his smelly-problem so he too can play in the game.Join Skeeter in this stinky, funny day of adventure and share in his excitement as he experiences the thrill of making true friends and getting to play in the big Stick-Nut Game! 

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Pages: 52
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1477638590
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Bed Time, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations, Photos, Narrations, Sounds
Keywords: troll, fairy, skunk, bunny, baseball, friends, play, acceptance, cheer
Date Added: July 24, 2014
2015 First Place Children's Educational Series
Hamilton and friends are enjoying their day, Sunshine and friends, gathered to play. The crowds have assembled, the players have too, A fun game of Stick-Nut, is about to start new. Stick-Nut’s a game like baseball and bat, You swing at the nut, then run to the mat. Everyone cheers watching Hamilton run, When Skeeter the skunk, hears the cheering and fun. Curious excitement tickles his nose, As he makes his way over on his short little toes. His black fur ruffled, his white stripe shined, His big puffy tail expressed all on his mind. He had just turned the corner when the crack of the stick, Clued in the crowd, who all yelled, “Think Quick!” But Skeeter was startled, he stopped and he yelled, The nut hit his shoulder, then the crowd smelled his smell. “Oh Skeeter!” They wailed as each covered their nose, As the smell of this skunk quickly arose. Their eyes began watering, some ran away, But Skeeter just stood there, he wanted to play. Feeling embarrassed, Skeeter lowered his head, With a tear in his eye, “Sorry.” He said. “It’s okay little Skeeter, we understand, We just wish we knew how to fix your scared gland.” You see, Skeeter’s a skunk, and skunks have a way, That when they’re afraid a foul smell they will spray. It’s a typical thing for a young skunk to do, When he feels alarmed, it’s time for - pe-yew. As soon as they said it, a plan they all formed, It was up to his friends to help him reform. Reform – to improve or make better by fixing or correcting its faults or problems So they came up with tasks, and they tried every one, It may have been scary, but it was also quite fun. The first plan was drawn because Skeeter gets scared, Every time someone leaps out, when he’s not prepared. So they covered his eyes and jumped out and said “Boo!” But he heard them and shivered and out came a pew. The next time his ears were what they closed off, They leapt out. He saw them.