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The Enchanted Guitar
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Summary of “The Enchanted Guitar”Celine Rose MariottiIllustrated by Jose Sanchez                                       “ more

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The Monster in My Basement
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There’s a monster in Dave’s basement! His name is Howard and he’s very hungry. Howard invites Dave to dinner. But more

Pages 43 Reads 16
London Bridge
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Kids will love this sweet story/song combination as they listen to “London Bridge,” and follow along word-for-word in more

Pages 30 Reads 1
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Help baby learn playtime words with this adorably-illustrated book. Black and white art and bursts of color will more

Pages 12 Reads 1
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Fun sound effects and whimsical music help tell the funny story when Montague Morton Meriwether Smith arrives at a more

Pages 27 Reads 55
The Land of Peek-a-Boo
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Young children will learn the importance of being kind in the adorable story “The Land Of Peek-a-Boo!” Tina loves to more

Pages 27 Reads 1
ABC Come Play with Me!
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This book gets your child up and active! It’s filled with games and sports kids can play, arranged in alphabetical more

Pages 30 Reads 148
I like!
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Every Child Can be a Reading Star Kids like to play and draw and sing and dance. They all like different things and more

Pages 26 Reads 2
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There are so many fun things to do outside. This beginning reader focuses on action words and encourages kids to get more

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Bullies are so annoying! Here’s one smart way to get the better of Roy the Annoying.

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