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Rise of Kunatos (Book #6 - Perseverance / Never Give Up!) - Neon Tiki Tribe

Rise of Kunatos (Book #6 - Perseverance / Never Give Up!) - Neon Tiki Tribe
Rise of Kunatos (Book #6 - Perseverance / Never Give Up!) - Neon Tiki Tribe
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RISE OF KUNATOS is a book for everyone. This is a story of great perseverance during what looks to be a sure defeat. We have all had times in our lives where things aren’t going well for us and the “problem” looks REALLY bad. Even in these “bad” situations we must find ways to remain “calm and focused” to get through it. The RISE OF KUNATOS will give children (and all of us) hope in times of despair, strength in times of weakness and courage in times of fear. The Neon Tiki Tribe books use a patented, award-winning font that is almost unnoticeable to the average reader, but was designed to help some children who struggle to read due to dyslexia.


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What Parents Are Saying: Although we have hundreds of books these are some my kids continually come back to… She is now 8 years old and reads all of the Tiki books to her little sister…. She is five and a half and sat right down on my lap and listened to every word….

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Pages: 36
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Action Adventure, Cars, Trucks & Planes, Educational
Features: Illustrations, Music
Keywords: persevere, dyslexic, hero, succeed, motivational, esteem, confidence, character, value
Date Added: August 14, 2015
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