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Know It Alls - Horses

Know It Alls - Horses | Online Kid's Book
Know It Alls - Horses
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As part of the unique, early-science Know-It-All! Series that features  stunning covers and engaging texts, this book puts the spotlight on Horses! Learn all about how they look, where they live, their babies, how they change as they grow up and more. Awesome life-like illustrations and informative stat boxes make this 24-page book fun and exciting for children aged 4 and up!

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Pages: 26
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Animals & Creatures
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: science, animals, learning, ebooks, early, education, fun, horses
Date Added: July 21, 2015
They have thundered wild across the American Southwest Theyve been the loyal companions of cavalry cowboys and kings alike Theyve worked on farms and have even been used to help deliver fresh milk door to door  What are they What are they Hint Turn the page to find out  Answer HORSES Answer HORSES The horse belongs to the species Equus caballus It is a hardy fourlegged mammal Each leg has one toe that is protected by a hard covering called a hoof which is a lot like a really thick toenail First domesticated or tamed by people almost years ago these strong animals have been bred to help us everywhere from the farm to the battlefield Since then horses have also been raised for sport and show American Quarter Horse zebra Horses zebras and donkeys are all related They belong to the same animal family that scientists call Equidae A mule is a crossbreed of a horse and a donkey Poitou donkey mule  How many types How many types of horses are there of horses are there While there are many different kinds or breeds of horses they can be divided into three main groups heavy horses light horses and ponies Large muscular horses are called heavy breeds They are usually the biggest and tall est horses Originally bred in northern Europe during the Middle Ages they were used for carrying heavy loads and for pulling ploughs to till fields The heavy horses were also used for bat tle Sometimes they wore armor just like the medieval knights who rode them  Light horses are skinnier looking than the heavy breeds They are bred for speed agility and stamina Though most light horses are used for work such as pulling carriages and ranching some are used in races and show competitions Ponies are often thought to be baby horses but they are actually breeds of hors es that are much shorter even when fully grown  A horses eyes sit high on its long head They are positioned to give the horse a wide field of vision which is perfect for seeing other animals sneaking up from the sides or behin