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The Little Narcissist

The Little Narcissist
The Little Narcissist
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Mama has a new tablet. She makes a video of Tania and shows it to her. Tania is fascinated. She wants mama to make many more videos of her. Then she spends hours watching videos of herself. She stops working on her art because she is busy with the videos. What will mama do to fix the problem? Read on to find out.

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Pages: 22
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Art, Girls, Mommy & Me
Features: Photos
Keywords: creativity, tablets, self absorbtion, art and craft
Date Added: October 4, 2014
 The Little Narcissist Kanika G Copyright by Kanika G Dedicated to Spoonty  The Little Narcissist Mama got a new tablet It had front and rear facing cameras Mama could use it for video chats as well as to make home videos Mama was using it to chat with Tanias aunt Poonam Poonam stayed in Baltimore in America and Tania stayed in Bombay So they did not often get to see each other Mama thought video chats would be an excellent way for them to keep in touch This way Poonam could see Tania growing up and interact with her  Tania liked seeing and talking to her aunt but she was even more intrigued by the little video of herself that appeared on the screen Mama saw her interest and asked her Tania would you like me to make a video of you  Yes mama said Tania excited Mama said Tania why dont you recite one of your nursery rhymes and do all the actions for it Ill record it on this Then you can see the video Tania recited HumptyDumpty and Little Jack Horner making the appropriate hand gestures  Mama then played the video and Tania and mama watched it together Mama thought it was really cute and Tania was fascinated She begged mama to take some  more videos Mama saw her fascination with the new toy and obliged They made videos of Tania that night The next afternoon Tania asked Mama will you make a video of me eating lunch I want to see it Tania that is silly Why do you want a video of yourself eating lunch Please mama I want it Please please Oh all right but this is getting