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Brave Rooney and the Super-Sized Superheroes

Brave Rooney and the Super-Sized Superheroes | MagicBlox Online Kid's Book
Brave Rooney and the Super-Sized Superheroes
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Rooney is the only 'regular' kid in an elementary school of superheroes. When he wants to play soccer with his superhero classmates, they shun him because he's a mere mortal. Meanwhile at school, all the superheroes get involved in a daily eating contest which Rooney shuns. After a while, the superheroes become so heavy, they're bursting out of their superhero suits. Even worse, they are unable to fly and utilize their super skills in the championship soccer game, but Rooney comes in and saves the day. 

Book Details

Pages: 26
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Action Adventure, Boys, Health & Sports
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: super heroes, healthy eating, soccer, perseverance, elementary school, good nutrition, childhood obesity
Date Added: January 2, 2014