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Chloe the Very Special Goat

Chloe the Very Special Goat | Online Kid's Book
Chloe the Very Special Goat
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Chloe is definitely a very special goat and author Rosanne Glover brings this wonderful creature into a humorous and touching children’s book. Children and adults will love the adventures of Chloe as she moves inside after being cast aside as a runt on a snowy day. The beautiful illustrations by Jennifer Kessel Sites capture Chloe’s personality perfectly.Glover also includes the History and Science of goats, and a glossary of terms to expand the story into a wonderful learning tool for everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to have a goat grow up in their house! 

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Pages: 48
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780938467533
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Environment
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: goat, farm animals, non-fiction, pets, care taking
Date Added: October 20, 2013
Silver Reader's Favorite Book Award Best Children's Non-fiction
Silver Mom's Choice Award Juvenile Level 2 (Ages 9 -12) Books: Non-Fiction
A baby goat is found in a meadow in the snow The family saves the goat and as it grows valuable lessons of acceptance are exemplified C on te n ts Ch ap te r One A Spe c ia l G o at Is Bo r n  Ch ap te r Two Th e Baby G e ts a Bat hand a N ame  Ch ap te r Th re e Ch lo e Le a r n s t o L ik e Fo o dAND O t h e r Th ing s  Ch ap te r Fo u r Ch lo e G o e s on a Day Tr i p  Ch ap te r F i ve Ch lo e He lps w i t h t h e D ish e s  Ch ap te r S i x Ch lo e Has a B i rt hday  Ch ap te r Se ve n Ch lo e G e ts He r H o r n s  Ch ap te r E igh t C lo se t o H ome  Ep i lo gue  Ab o u t Ch lo e  G lo s s a r y  H is t o r y  S c ie nce  D ID YOU KNOW  H ow Dome s t ic ate d G o ats D i f fe r From Sh e e p  Ack now le dgme n ts  Ch ap te r One A Spe c ia l G o at Is Bo r n Once upon a time on a very very cold and blustery winter morning in a rural area of West Virginia John put on his heavy winter coat warm gloves and hat and walked out into the blowing snow across the yard to the field where he kept his goats He needed to check on Peg the big brown nanny goat who was due to deliver her young Through the white maze it was difficult to see but as he drew nearer to the field and entered through the gate he thought he could see two small bodies huddled near Peg As he approached the mother goat he realized he was right and YES during the night Peg had given birth  John was very excited and realizing that the mother was taking good care of her babies he turned and rushed back to the house to tell his wife Rosanne about the new additions He entered the house with much excitement and exclaimed Peg gave birth to her babies last night and they are twins Rosanne they look just like Peg Both are brown but one is a little darker than the other Rosanne was also very excited but she had just cooked their breakfast and wanted John to get washed and ready to eat while the food was still hot After John sat down at the table he said to his wife I think that I will name t