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Lemon Sharks
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Lemon sharks are sneaky stalkers. They blend in with the sandy ocean bottom for camouflage! In this book, swim along more

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Tiger Sharks
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Tiger sharks are wild scavengers. They eat animals—living and dead—and even ocean trash! In this book, swim along more

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Hammerhead Sharks
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Hammerhead sharks are strong attackers. They pin stingrays to the ocean floor! In this book, swim along with more

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Great White Sharks
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Great white sharks are powerful predators. They rush at seals and push them out of the water! In this book, swim more

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Bull Sharks
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Bull sharks are bold hunters. They bump prey before they bite! In this book, swim along with several bull sharks.

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Long! Tall! Small!: An Alphabet of Adjectives for Toddlers & Preschoolers
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An adjective for every letter of the alphabet! Bright, bold letters and fun illustrations teach:

  1. The more
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With large jaws and serrated teeth, Giganotosaurus is a dinosaur with a shark’s bite. The strong chomper uses its more

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A top sprinter, Gallimimus can outrun most dinosaurs. The fast biped accelerates much like a car merging onto a more

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Diet usually determines body size, but this is not the case with Diplodocus. The dinosaur is plus size even though more

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When gliding through the air, Archaeopteryx looks more like a bird than a dinosaur. Even when grounded, it almost more

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