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In this installment of the Billy's Adventure Series, William tries out for a team and grapples with success and more

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Reading Quest - The Save and Other Soccer Stories
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Goal! Casey had never played soccer before, so why did she decide to volunteer as goalie? Conor comes up with a plan more

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Reading Quest - Going to the Pool and Other Swimming Stories
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Dive in! Tex and Indi head to the pool for their swimming lesson but worry that they forgot how to swim over the more

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Reading Quest - Game On! Basketball
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Let's shoot some hoops! Devin learns how important it is to be consistent when practicing three-point shots. Jordan more

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Reading Quest - The Adventures of Spot: Get Moving
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Get Moving! Spot chases his shadow until they both stop for a rest. Spot knocks down a pail of paint on to himself more

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Reading Quest - The Adventures of Spot: Puppy Games
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Puppy games! Spot loves chasing and catching baseballs. Spot tries to play with a big branch but it is too heavy. more

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Reading Quest - Bert, Beth, and Grandpa: Playtime!
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Playtime! Grandpa gets creative to make Bert and Beth play together. Grandpa reads a bedtime story. Bert and Beth more

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Reading Quest - Off to the Beach and Other Sandy Stories
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Fun at the beach! Alex packs toys for a beach trip. Duck and Goose have try a new sport at the lake. Emma realizes more

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Highlights International V1, N2
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Fun to Read5 Clara’s Closet ◆6 Goofus and Gallant™ ◆ ●8 Ask Arizona™: Mixed-Up-Worries ■ ●10 Dr. more

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Highlights - International V1, N5
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Fun to Read5 Dig Your Starting Holes Deep ◆8 Horse and Fly ◆10 Goofus and Gallant™ ◆ ●11 Crow Gets more

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