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Reading aloud is one of the best things you can do to help your child learn to read. Children develop larger more

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High Five International - Jump In!
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In each issue, you’ll find Spot’s newest adventure on page 5. These little stories are a delightful reflection of more

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High Five International - Let's Go! (V2,N2)
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Children are masters of play. They love it. And it’s important. In fact, developmental psychologists tell us that play more

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High Five International - Get On Board!
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When your children discover that they can do something, you probably hear them cry “Look at me!” Children are eager more

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Highlights - International V2 N2
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Fun to Read5 Troll Trick ◆6 Ask Arizona™: Sorting Stuff with a No-Stuff Sister ■8 Goofus and more

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Highlights - International V2 N4
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Fun to Read 5 Recess ◆6 Goofus and Gallant™ ◆ ●7 Gallant Kids ■ ●8 Ask Arizona™: more

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Fun to Read5 Ants Are Marching ◆6 Goofus and Gallant™ ◆●8 Cock-a-Doodle— ◆11 The Timbertoes™ ★ more

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High Five Bilingue: iVen a divertirte! Join the Fun! 2020
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Cuando usted iba a la escuela, ¿celebraban al cumplirse los primeros 100 días de clases? Yo recuerdo que, en more

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Cleo's Big Ideas: Flattening the Curve
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Jan wrote this book to be shared as a free ebook to help kids talk about some of the very scary and stressful more

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Cleo's Big Ideas: One Thing Leads to Another
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Look out Humble, here comes Cleo. Cleopatra W. Darby’s ideas are big, and her  inventions are out of this world. So more

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