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Little Pearls - A Children's Poetry Anthology
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  'Little Pearls' is a compilation of poems by 30 young poets. Each poem, just like each poet, is unique, beautiful more

Pages 69 Reads 1
My Antelope Wants Cantaloupe and Four Other Amusing Poems
Average: 3 (2 votes)

An illustrated collection of five amusing poems about everyday life.

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Pages 12 Reads 2
Reading Quest - Little Bunny: A Good Friend
Average: 1 (1 vote)

A good friend! Little Bunny learns that apologies are important when you make a mistake. Little Bunny finds a way to more

Pages 32 Reads 38
Coral Reef Animals Book 2: Vertebrates
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This is the only children’s book to focus on the fascinating world of coral reef vertebrates (animals having a more

Pages 34 Reads 22
Coral Reef Animals Book 1: Invertebrates
Average: 2.6 (5 votes)

Award-Winning Finalist of the 2019 International Book Awards.This is the only children's book to more

Pages 31 Reads 122
Leaping Limericks
Average: 5 (2 votes)

While limericks are a fun form of poetry, they are not often written with children in mind. This creative book more

Pages 30 Reads 32
Buttercup's Lovely Day
Average: 5 (4 votes)

Wend your way through Buttercup's lovely day. In poetry that winds and wends like a creek through a farmer's field, more

Pages 34 Reads 244
The Busy Bus
Average: 3.5 (4 votes)

A collection of funny short children's poems.

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Pages 58 Reads 168