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Un día un cliente visito la tienda de zapatos. “Necesito zapatos nuevos,” ella dijo “Los necesito de inmediato.” Lee more

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Help baby learn the special sounds and actions of different zoo animals with this adorably-illustrated book. Black more

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Black and white art and bursts of color will capture baby’s attention with simple pictures that encourage learning. more

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Ayuda al bebé a aprender que sonidos especiales y comportamientos diferente animales del zoológico pueden hacer con more

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New Shoes
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Ms. Hippo visited a shoe store one day. “I need new shoes,” she said. “I need them right away.” Read along and meet more

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In Hippopotamuses, beginning readers will follow a hippopotamus as it swims in a river and grazes for food. Vibrant, more

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Harriet the Hippoyogamus
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Sweet Harriet and her friends are very excited to show you their favorite yoga poses! Take a deep breath in...let more

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Harriet's Rainbow Block Party
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Harriet the Hippoyogamus leads us to love others in all forms, shapes, sizes and genders! Follow this lovable hippo as more

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My Favorite Animal: Hippopotamus
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Learn all about hippos in this fun and informational text. Like all books in the My Favorite Animal Series, more

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Shoo Wee Okapi
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Shoo Wee! Do you smell that? What is that smell...I think it's that Okapi! What is an Okapi, anyway? more

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