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The Month of Christmas - Day 1-5

The Month of Christmas - Day 1-5
The Month of Christmas - Day 1-5
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Days 1-5 of Christmas Month are when the grand Christmas parade happens and the elves are busy making crafts and decorating their Christmas trees and homes. See how Santa and the elves celebrate these events and when and where the traditions began in human history. Find out how Santa, the elves, and the Sugar Plum Fairies collect and use stars, stardust, moonbeams and moondust for the Christmas holiday. See what happens when Santa and his cat go to the Enchanted Forest to get a Christmas tree. You can also explore online activities to help collect and deliver Christmas stars and moonbeams and to help Santa find his cat in the Enchanted Forest. Get the book for free at and see the video series at

Book Details

Pages: 123
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Holidays
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: christmas, santa, elf, fairy
Date Added: December 9, 2022