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Just the Three of Us

Just the Three of Us
Just the Three of Us
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This is the story of three siblings-Kevin, Katey and Kirsten and it takes place in 1981 in Maryland.  They have lost their Mom who was very sick and now Kevin the oldest, who has graduated high school is going off to the Army.  His two sisters Katey who is 15 and Kirsten who is 10 are going to live with Mr. and Mrs. Harris, friends of their Mom.  Mr. Harris is also the guidance counselor at the high school.  Mrs. Bartelli their neighbor looks in on them all the time and brings them food.  The parish priest, Father McCarrity also looks in on them.  Their Cousin Rachel, an only living relative who lives and works in New York City does not want the responsibility of taking care of them even though she does love them all.  Kirsten suffers a seizure and is brought to the hospital.  Kevin who is in the Army gets a leave from Sergeant  Patterson so he can go home and see his sister.  It is a story of love between siblings and all the people in their lives who love and care about them.

Book Details

Pages: 109
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
Categories: Embracing Diversity, Family & Friends, Food
Features: Chapters
Keywords: brother, sister, neighbor, mom, cousin, army, music
Date Added: October 4, 2022