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Cindy's Satin Slipper

Cindy's Satin Slipper
Cindy's Satin Slipper
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Will Cindy be able to attend auditions for the Royal Ballet Academy of Pavlovia?Cindy is a young ballet student with dreams of attending The Royal Ballet Academy of Pavlovia. She's finally old enough to audition, but so are her new stepsisters. When her stepmother realizes Cindy is the biggest threat to her own daughters getting into the Ballet Academy, she'll do everything in her power to stop Cindy from attending the auditions.Marie is a young princess who only finds escape from the confines of a royal's life through ballet class and riding her horse, Dancer. Yearning for more than the stuffy life of a princess, Marie hopes to attend The Royal Ballet Academy of Pavlovia. But first she has to prove she's more than just a princess and that she really can dance.In this Cinderella re-telling there are no handsome princes, no invitations to the ball, and no fairy godmothers. Twelve-year-old dancers Cindy and Marie must work hard, overcome obstacles, and make an impression at the auditions in order to achieve their dream of performing with The Royal Ballet Company of Pavlovia.

Book Details

Pages: 120
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1777547707
Categories: Dance, Embracing Diversity, Fantasy
Features: Chapters
Keywords: ballet, ballerina, dance, princess, fairy tale re-telling, cinderella
Date Added: March 16, 2022