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Rabbit Wants a Carrot

Rabbit Wants a Carrot
Rabbit Wants a Carrot
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Rabbit is hungry. He wants to eat a carrot. He leaves his hutch to look for one. Rabbit asks the farm animals in turn if they have seen any carrots, but the animals say, Not me!, because they eat other kinds of food. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a carrot appears beside Rabbit; it is dangling from a stick. How can that be? Each time Rabbit reaches for it, the carrot moves. Rabbit chases after it until he finds himself back at his hutch, and we get the answer to the mystery of who’s on the other end of the stick. Read now and enjoy!

Book Details

Pages: 22
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Environment, Food
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: farm animals, farms, farmer
Date Added: August 21, 2022