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The Ice Giant

The Ice Giant
The Ice Giant
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The Ice Giant won a Purple Dragonfly award in 2021 (first place in the Growing Pains category).Elika always feels embarrassed about her unique looks, until strange dreams take her on a journey to her mother's homeland, Iceland. There she meets a lonely giant who befriends her ... but wants to keep her in her ice cave forever. Can Elika find a way to help both herself and the lonely giant? A story of bravery, friendship, self-acceptance and reclaiming one's heritage. This fantasy adventure is for 7-10 year olds."A whimsical adventure that promotes individuality and self-acceptance." - Kirkus Reviews

Book Details

Pages: 155
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 194785447X
Categories: Action Adventure, Family & Friends, Fantasy
Features: Chapters
Keywords: fantasy, adventure, heritage, growing up, iceland, giants, mythic creatures, dreams, family, magic
Date Added: November 19, 2021