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The Leaning Tower of Pizza

The Leaning Tower of Pizza
The Leaning Tower of Pizza
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The perfect LOL picture book to teach kids about the joys of travel, experiencing new cultures and foods, and learning about famous monuments, landmarks, and artwork. A diverse group of kids tell one another about the amazing places they've heard about. The only problem is they may have misheard the names and their imaginations run wild with possibilities. This hilarious book is the perfect introduction to travel, delicious foods, and the wonders of the world.Themes: Food, World Travel, World Cultures, Art, Architecture, Landmarks, Monuments, Geography, Imagination, Diversity, HumorAges 3-8

Book Details

Pages: 34
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 1949213315
Categories: Bed Time, Educational, Food
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: pizza, humor, travel, funny, italy, china, paris, art, architecture, derek taylor kent
Date Added: October 14, 2021