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Mary Read: Pirate in Disguise

Mary Read: Pirate in Disguise
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Disguised as a man, Mary Read set sail from Holland in the 1700s. Her thirst for adventure led her into daring acts, from cannonfire-filled raids to heroic duels. This graphic title traces Read’s life from her early days in the military to her adventures on the high seas as a privateer, mutineer, and feared pirate. Engaging dialogue and detailed illustrations draw readers in, while quotes, a map, and a timeline add historical context. Readers will love learning about the swashbuckling life of the Caribbean’s most fierce pirate in disguise!

Book Details

Pages: 24
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781681037677
Categories: Action Adventure, Comic Book, Girls
Features: Photos
Keywords: pirate, disguise, women, famous, seas, ocean, adventure, ships
Date Added: March 24, 2021