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If I had a Dog

If I had a Dog
If I had a Dog
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If I had a dog, I would play with it. If you had a dog, what would you do with it? What would it do with you? This funny beginning reader is perfect for kids who think they want a dog. With 32 unique words, If I had a Dog, is part of the Reading Stars series and makes a great book for kids just starting out in their love of reading. Sample text: If I had a dog, I would take it for a walk. It would love to walk. A dog would love to run. It would want to run and run.

Book Details

Pages: 28
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781532407635
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Boys, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations, Photos
Keywords: dog, pet dog, beginning reader dog, level 1 reader dog, pre-reader, beginning to read, kid wants dog, child pet dog, funny dog book
Date Added: March 4, 2020