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Fly Possum Fly

Fly Possum Fly
Fly Possum Fly
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Gold Mom's Choice Award  Winner London Book Festival Best Children's Book  Winner Florida Book Festival   Winner Southern California Book Festival   Indie Book Award Finalist   Possums to the rescue! A sick reindeer can't finish the Christmas Eve deliveries with Santa so possums step up to save the day. Fly Possum Fly is singer/songwriter Grant Maloy Smith's first children's book. Illustrated by the author from his new song, Fly Possum Fly, he has elevated the lowly possum to literary importance with a major save on Christmas Eve. Perfect for the classroom or living room, included are Possum Facts about this amazing animal!

Book Details

Pages: 36
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781946664341
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Boys, Girls
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: christmas, possums
Date Added: September 8, 2019