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Mia's Lists of Ten

Mia's Lists of Ten
Mia's Lists of Ten
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14-year-old Mia can’t seem to stop making lists. Somehow, Michael Across The Hall gets into all of them. Before long, he and Mia are involved in a crazy adventure. And Mia’s lists now include murderous ducks and an out-of-control singing chef!

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Mia’s Lists of Ten (As Told by Mia) With help from Teddy O’Malley Copyright © Teddy O’Malley All Rights Reserved For all those struggling with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and anything else starting with Dys.   Chapter 1 My New Diary March 14 4:00 P.M I was just given this journal. I am so excited. Turning fourteen on the 14th just feels lucky! I can't wait to write down all my adventures in here. March 14, Saturday 8:00 P.M Daniella is spending the night. She is my best friend in the whole world. She is annoyed because I am writing right now instead of talking to her. I shall write down what we say. “What are you doing, Mia?” “Writing. Duh!” “You are so mean. I mean what are you writing?” “I am writing what we are saying.” “Why?” “So, I remember it forever.” “You're so weird.” March 14, Saturday 10:00 P.M Couldn't resist. Had to write more! So, I am, that's I am lying on the bed and thinking random thoughts. “I won't be able to wear high heels, I guess, when I go on a date with Michael.” I twist a strand of the sorry excuse for my hair between my fingertips. “Michael doesn't even know you like him,” Daniella scoffs. She is such a pessimist. “He will once I tell him. I am going to tell him tomorrow. For sure.” “Sure, you will. Like you were going to tell him yesterday and the day before. Maybe you should just tell him right now.” “No way! The time just isn't right and if the stars aren't correctly aligned in the universe he won't say yes.” “Or, he might just say no because he doesn't like you,” Daniella pointed out. “Gee, Daniella, thank you for the boost of confidence. Why do I call you my best friend again?”   Chapter 2 Ten Things About Daniella 1. She is fourteen like me. 2. Like everyone else seems to be, she is shorter than me. But not by a whole lot. 3. She does NOT like to be called Danni. For any reason, ever, by anyone.