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The Super Tiny Ghost

The Super Tiny Ghost
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It’s Halloween and the super tiny ghost wants to scare someone. But he’s too tiny. No one seems to notice he’s there. He makes a list of ghostly things to try, he watches monster horror flicks, he even goes to scary school. Nothing he tries works until he gets a great idea! The rhyming text by Marilee Joy Mayfield and the spooky art by Catty Flores make this a Halloween treat.

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Pages: 39
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Fantasy, Holidays, Imagination
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: halloween, ghost, mummies, rhyming, halloween costumers, trick or treat
Date Added: October 23, 2018
The Super Tiny Ghost by Marilee Joy Mayfield Illustrations by Catty Flores The Super Tiny Ghost by Marilee Joy Mayfield illustrations by Catty Flores Boo Boo Boo Once there was a super tiny ghost He booed and hissed and screamed the most But no one noticed he was there Not even children paused to stare He tried with all his tiny might To scare them in their beds at night But they just thought he was a sheet With big black eyes and hidden feet He made a list of things to try To make the humans scream and cry But everything he tried to d o Backfired and made him black and blue