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Magical Days of Fairies and Friendship

Magical Days of Fairies and Friendship
Magical Days of Fairies and Friendship
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 What does the combination of friendship and stardust magic create? A lifetime of sharing an unparalleled friendship. Be drawn in as the watercolor illustrations bring the story of Erika and Kelley’s magical bond to life. From the first time their eyes met as babies, it was obvious that the girl’s friendship was extraordinary. So it is no surprise that their fairy dolls possessed a magic of their own. Erika and Kelley were intrigued by their fairies’ magic. They put their young creative minds together to build fairy villages hoping to see their fairies’ magic in action. As the years past, Erika and Kelley’s friendship and imagination continued to grow. Always keeping the secret about their fairies, Erika and Kelley shared many magical adventures! A charming narrative and beautifully illustrated book that will remind you of your childhood best friend! Give the magical gift of imagination and friendship to the special young person in your life. 

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Written by Brooke Burbach Illustrations by Milton Bass Copyright  Createspace All rights reserved Cover and Interior Illustrated by Milton Bass ISBN10 ISBN13 DEDICATED TO Erika and Kelley ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Kelley thank you for sharing your memories of your magical game Bonnie thank you for your years of friendship and support Pamela thank you for your encouragement and way with words Milton thank you for all your hard work on the illustrations They are incredible and make the story come to life Magical Days of Fairies and Friendship Oneyearold Kelley toddled across the floor to the white bassinet she had slept in as a baby She stood on tiptoes and peered over the edge A new blonde baby was sleeping inside Kelley smiled The baby woke up We will be best friends Kelley whispered The baby cooed and smiled at Kelley Then she stared at the ceiling What do you see Kelley asked Look She pointed at the golden dust that danced in the air over the baby It looks like sparkling sunshine The baby cooed and giggled Go back to sleep Kelley said The baby smiled and closed her eyes  Brooke Burbach Since that moment their eyes first met Kelley and Erika were good friends Their mommies were best friends So the girls spent every afternoon together In fact they could communicate before Erika learned to talk Kelley spoke in complete sentences Erika spoke in babybabble which only her mommy and Kelley understood Erika babbled something to Kelley who turned to her mommy and said That means she would like a hotdog too please