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Sunny the pig

Sunny the pig
Sunny the pig
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This is an exciting tale about a curious little pig who gets lost and finds himself in a pickle; he then gets help from an unusual character who teaches him some great life lessons. A fun read young kids will love coming back to again and again.

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Pages: 23
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Bed Time, Fantasy
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: pig, wolf, fox, hare, chicken, turtle, meadow, hedgehog, puppy
Date Added: March 20, 2018
Sunny the pig ARIANKA SHAWNA SUNNY THE PIG BY ARIANKA SHAWNA All rights reserved Copyright  Arianka Shawna Once upon a time there was a little pig who loved to play outside in the sun His name was Sunny Every morning his mum would give him a lovely warm bath before preparing a wonderful breakfast of apples corn cobs mushrooms and potatoes which he would then feast on hungrily Mum Im done Sunny would say whilst smacking his lips loudly Im going to play now Okay but dont wander too far His mum would say as she cleared away his breakfast plates Okay He would then reply quickly before skipping away into the sunshine And make sure youre on time for dinner His mum would scream behind him but he would already be too far from the house to hear Sunny would then trot as fast as his small legs could manage over to his best friends house His best friend was a Labrador puppy called Fluffy and he lived just a few cottages away  The two of them would play for hours on end playing catch and rummaging through the tall grass When they got tired from running around they would take a long rest underneath their favorite mulberry tree They would lie on their backs watching the clouds and the birds go by When the sun began to set and it was almost time for dinner they would race themselves back home They would get to Fluffys house first and Fluffy would wave goodbye Goodnight Sunnysee you tomorrow He would say before going inside Goodnight Fluffy Sunny would reply before dashing to his house When he got home his mum would make him take a warm bath before settling down to a nice dinner of some of his favorite vegetables like cucumber spinach broccoli and tomatoes  Tell me a bedtime story mum Sunny would then say after dinner and he would jump into bed with a little bowl of blueberries in between his hooves Okay dearonce upon a time Sunnys mum would begin and she would continue until Sunnys eyes slowly fluttered shut She would then close up the book tuck Sunny snugly into his blanket gi