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Elliot Finds A Home

Elliot Finds A Home
Elliot Finds A Home
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Elliot The Magical Puppy ®™ “Elliot Finds a Home,” introduces the pair, with Elliot starting out in a pet store, only to find that no one wishes to buy the puppy who is different and not normal. Eventually, he is given away to an animal shelter, and the implication that he may be put down is unspoken, yet evident. Meanwhile, Joseph is a boy with Autism. A little boy alone in his head. Elliot is a puppy with special abilities of his own. Together they create an inseparable bond of love, trust, and understanding. Joseph and Elliot recognize each other as kindred spirits for life. This is a warm-hearted, well-received series. Children will understand and relate to the story and the importance of therapy dogs and disabilities. It will teach that being different is not a bad thing, but actually a really cool thing, and bring hope. In this series, Joseph and Elliot will learn and grow together. Meet Joseph, a boy with Autism. Meet Elliot, the little dog who heals his heart and together they embark on a very special journey of love, loyalty, learning, and friendship. 

Book Details

Pages: 50
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1530548842
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Boys, Educational
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: autism, educational, therapy dogs
Date Added: June 12, 2016