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Wings in the Water

Wings in the Water
Wings in the Water
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Step aboard the Ono V and join Mote Marine Lab Senior Biologist Kim Bassos-Hull as she cruises the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico looking for spotted eagle rays. Popular in public aquariums, and found in warm and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, the spotted eagle ray is an amazingly beautiful animal. Sometimes referred to as “flat sharks,” these elasmobranchs are easily identified by spot patterns on their dorsal  side.Photos and a fast-paced text show how Kim and other scientists investigate the behaviors and habitats of these rays from pups to mature adults in order to develop a conservation plan for this near-threatened species.     

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Pages: 42
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-63233-057-4
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Environment
Features: Photos, Chapters
Keywords: rays, sting rays, sea life, sea animals, ocean, florida, animal rescue, research
Date Added: January 18, 2017
WINGS W I N G S Wings INVEST IGAT ING EAGLE RAYS I N T H E IN THE in the Water BY CATHY MARINE WATER WAT E R Cathy Marine Lemont Ber l in  Cather ine Mar ine Front cover photo courtesy of Mote Mar ine Laboratory Back cover top photo by Aaron Bar leycorn lower photo by K im BassosHu l l Inter ior photos Aaron Bar leycorn p  L ione l Murphy p  Cathy Mar ine pp   lr  r   r   l  l   r  r  l   l  lr  A l l others courtesy of Mote Mar ine Laboratory A l l r ights reserved Th is pub l icat ion is protected by Copyr ight and perm iss ion shou ld be obta ined from the pub l isher pr ior to any proh ib ited reproduct ion storage in a retr ieva l system or transm iss ion in any form or by any means e lectron ic mechan ica l photocopy ing record ing or l ikew ise Pub l ished by E ifr ig Pub l ish ing LLC PO Box  Lemont PA  USA Knobe lsdorffstr   Ber l in Germany For informat ion regard ing perm iss ion wr ite to R ights and Perm iss ions Department E ifr ig Pub l ish ing LLC PO Box  Lemont PA  USA perm iss ionse ifr igpub l ish ingcom  L ibrary of Congress Contro l Number  Mar ine Cather ine W ings in the Water by Cathy Mar ine p cm Paperback ISBN  Hardcover ISBN  eBook ISBN   Mar ine B io logy  An ima lSt ing Rays I Mar ine Cathy author II T it le Summary Jo in Sen ior B io log ist K im BassosHu l l as she invest igates the behav iors and hab itats of spotted eag le rays in order to deve lop a conservat ion p lan for th is nearthreatened spec ies           Pr inted on ac idfree paper in the USA TA B L E O F C ON TE N TS We lc ome A b o a rd Donuts an d Pe anuts Foo d We b s I ntern s S to ri es from t h e Pa st M e d i c a l D i sc o veri es Conservation Genetics S ate l l ite Ta g g in g Pup s Te a mw o rk S p ec i es G lo s s a ry G en et i c s M o re I n fo rm at i on    Welcome Aboard Eagle ray two oclock about  meters Captain Pete yells from the tower Captain Dean throws the seine net anchor over the side