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Piper the Elf's Big Surprise

Piper the Elf's Big Surprise
Piper the Elf's Big Surprise
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Christmas is coming and Santa's sleigh is in dire need of repairs. When Santa asks for assistance, only Piper volunteers to help patch the run-down sleigh. As Piper learns how to repair a sleigh, she also learns a valuable lesson on helping others. Will the sleigh be ready for the midnight ride on Christmas Eve? This newest Piper the Elf adventure is full of surprises!

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781882658404
Categories: Boys, Family & Friends, Girls
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: christmas, friendship, working with others, building and repair
Date Added: September 3, 2015
Piper The Elf s Big Sur pr ise by Colleen Driscoll illustrated by Brian Dumm copyright Colleen Driscoll All rights reserved This book is a work of fiction Names characters places and incidents except where noted otherwise are products of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously Any other resemblance to actual people places or events is entirely coincidental No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any other form or for any means electronic or mechanical including photocopy recording or any information storage system without written permission from Headline Books To order additional copies of this book or for book publishing information or to contact the author Headline Kids P O Box Terra Alta WV Tel Email mybookheadlinebookscom wwwheadlinebookscom wwwheadlinekidscom Published by Headline Books Headline Kids is an imprint of Headline Books ISBN13 Library of Congress Control Number  P R I N T E D I N T H E U N I T E D S T A T E S O F A M E R I C A Dedicated to my husband Paul and my children Kevin Ashley Brian and BrookeMy family of selfless support and love Piper the Elf was excited about Christmas Each day Piper and the elves had fun making toys for Santa One blustery afternoon Santa looked troubled as he walked into the Toy Shop    I inspected my sleigh today and saw many holes rusted through the sides and bottom he said Im afraid the toys will fall out as I fly through the sky on Christmas Eve Can anyone help me in the evenings to patch the holes and repair my sleigh The elves looked at each other and lowered their heads No one volunteered to help Pipers father said Santa we work hard all day making toys We are too tired to help you in the evening Santa was disappointed but he didnt want to overwork the elves They needed to work during the day to finish the toys in time for Christmas  Piper bit her lip and thought She had chores in the evening but she didnt want to upset Santa She raised her hand I will help you she said T