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Crumbs on the Stairs - Migas en las escaleras: A Mystery

Crumbs on the Stairs - Migas en las escaleras: A Mystery
Crumbs on the Stairs - Migas en las escaleras: A Mystery
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(Humor, bilingual) WHERE did all the crumbs come from? ¿De dónde vienen estas migajas?  A multicultural activity book with full text and pronunciation guide in both English and Spanish, Crumbs on the Stairs has counting and finding activities, question words (interrogatives) in both languages, and vivid illustrations to aid language learning at any age (2 years & up). 24-page book with Hispanic character, 95 words (double for bilingual ESL/ELL). Un misterio divertido para cualquier edad (2 años y arriba);Aprenda a contar, a hacer preguntas en inglés, y aprenda sobre el valor de compartir. Incluye actividades de búsqueda, una guía de pronunciación en ingles y español, y dibujos vividos para ayudar con el vocabulario.

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Crumbs on the Stairs Migas en las escaleras A Mystery Written and Illustrated by Karl Beckstrand  Text Illustration Premio Publishing Gozo Books LLC Premiobookscom Library of Congress catalog number  PHYSICAL book ISBN This book is available in Englishonly or Spanishonly versions with pronunciation guide Premiobookscom Spanish vowels have one sound each a ah e eh i ee o oh u oo Every vowel should be pronounced except for the u after a q que is pronounced keh In Spanish the letter j is pronounced as an English h and the letter h is silent ll sounds like a y or a j in some countries and has an ny sound ao sounds like ahnyo Aunque se escriben diferente todas las palabras que encuentres en ingles en este libro y que terminen en ear ere airs ares y aire tienen el mismo sonido al terminar er En ingles la H no es muda se pronuncia como la J de espaol Crumbs se pronuncia kramz This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be resold or given away If you would like to share this book with another person please purchase an additional copy for each recipient If youre reading this book and did not purchase it or it was not purchased for your use please purchase your own copy Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author More Mini Mysteries for Minors by Karl Beckstrand at Premiobookscom