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Fish, Yarn, & Sweaters

Fish, Yarn & Sweaters
Fish, Yarn, & Sweaters
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A beautifully illustrated story of a shy, little plush girl who gardens string and prefers to keep to herself. Her kind neighbors need her help, but the little plush girl is not so sure she wants to get involved. She is fearful to come out of her house but realizes if she needed help, her neighbors would be there for her.This excellent lesson on helping others in need and developing compassion will be a gateway to opening many conversations with children. Easy activities for the classroom, homeschool, or library can be readily pulled from this creative book that will spark imagination and enhance reading skills. 

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780938467892
Categories: Art, Family & Friends, Mother Nature
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: friends, sharing, woods, neighbors, garden, fishing, woodcutter, knitting
Date Added: May 30, 2015
Deep in the woods of a little plush world Nestles a cabin of a little plush girl With buttons for eyes and patches for knees She lives a quiet life tucked between two giant trees She never strays too far from her cozy home Shes painfully shy and would rather not roam   Every day she lives her life very tame She just piddles about its always the same She stitches up patterns and mends seams Then one morning while in the same ol routine This little plush girl heard a tap tap tap She thought nothing of it It must be the cat Then she glanced down to see her cat snuggled by her chair She had second thoughts Was someone there  She mustered up the courage to peek out the window Peering up from the ledge ever so slow She panicked at the presence of a little plush farmer Standing outside with his wagon stacked full of yarn He took off his hat bowed and said Pardon me maam theres no need for alarm Im a farmer and I live in the clearing just past all these trees I farm yarn and buttons and pretty much what anyone needs But Ive suddenly stumbled upon a problem my dear I grew far too many bundles of yarn I fear Its taking over everything down on the farm I have oodles of bundles overflowing out of the barn Ive noticed you sewing and knitting When Ive been out and about Im hoping you wont mind taking some yarn off my hands Itd be helping me out The little plush girl scurried out of the farmer s view She left him scratching his head as she pondered what to do She was too scared to reply so the farmer just left After waiting with no response he thought it best Then she noticed her supplies were running low So she had a change of mind But she was too slow All she saw was his wagon trailing behind   Shoot she said mad at herself for letting opportunity slip by She was frustrated for always being so shy Oh well she thought as she went on with her day Going outside to piddle away She began weeding stray string out of her flower bed When she noticed a stranger on the path just ahea