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Tania's Diwali Celebration

Tania's Diwali Celebration
Tania's Diwali Celebration
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It is Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. Tania participates in the various rituals of decorating, sweet making, lighting crackers are more. Read on to find out about all the exciting things Tania does for the perfect Diwali.

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Pages: 20
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311712394
Categories: Art, Family & Friends, Girls
Features: Photos
Keywords: diwali, festival, holiday, family, sweets, recipes, cooking, decorate
Date Added: February 3, 2015
Tanias Diwali Celebration By Kanika G Copyright by Kanika G Website httpssitesgooglecomsitekanikagebooks  Tania Celebrates Diwali Tania was really excited The last day of school was finally over Tanias Diwali vacation had begun Diwali was still a few days away But there was a lot of preparation to do Diwali is the Indian festival of lights It is celebrated with sweets lights decorations games and firecrackers Tania was now old enough to enjoy it all and she had been looking forward to it for a while  Mama had planned some fun activities for Tania First on the agenda was to decorate diyas Tania asked Mama what is a diya  Mama said A diya is an oil lamp made of clay We pour oil into the clay bowl and make a wick from cotton When we light the oil soaked cotton the flame lights up the area around  It is very pretty The clay lamps are plain and brown so we are going to paint them Mama and Tania sat on a large plastic mat on the living room floor and decorated the lamps with various designs They used a lot of the flashy silver and gold colours which would shine beautifully in the lamp light  Diwali week is the time to do some house  cleaning and decorating Tania and mama spent a morning cleaning up and arranging cupboards and drawers So in the afternoon they decided it was time for some fun Mama told Tania they would be making a Rangoli She saw Tanias curious puzzled expression and explained A Rangoli is a design made on doorsteps as a welcome sign We are going to use rice flour to make it Mama took some rice and put it in the grinder Tania pressed the button and made rice flour Then mama and Tania took the rice flour to the doorstep Now what do we do mama asked Tania Mama said Sprinkle the rice powder to make some nice design like this flower here