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Treasures in the Winter Vault

Treasures in the Winter Vault | Online Kid's Book
Treasures in the Winter Vault
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Bobby wants a tablet but to his dismay, he spent his money on comic books and candy. His parents are teaching him a lesson and he thinks it's unfair. What do you think? His grandparents come to visit and Grandma tells Bobby a story about an elephant who makes him realize if he works hard and spends his money more wisely, he could have enough money to buy the things he wants. Debbie Bertram and Lisa Detanna bring financial literacy to the younger set with a tale of friendship, family, and key elements toward saving for the future. Beautifully illustrated by talented artist, Kevin Greene, Treasures in the Winter Vault will delight all ages.   


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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781882658220
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Boys, Educational
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: saving, financial literacy, squirrel, elephant, wants, needs, grandma and grandpa, storytelling
Date Added: December 2, 2014
Mom's Choice Award Recipient
Academic's Choice Award Smart Book Award Winner
Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award
Gold Readers' Favorite International Book Award
Bobby cried into his pillow He lifted his head talking to the stuffed animals on his bed Why CANT I have a new tablet he cried I want a tablet Everyone at school has one but ME I want one too Its not fair Bobby continued to cry Not fair Not fair There was a soft knock at his door He ignored it  Bobby Its Grandma and Grandpa Your mom and dad said you were in your room May we come in Bobby sniffled I guess he mumbled  They came into Bobbys bedroom Grandma sat down beside Bobby on the bed Grandpa sat down in the squishy bean bag chair We came to have dinner with all of you this evening Grandma said And Mom and Dad said you were up here in your room and very upset Do you want to tell us whats wrong asked Grandpa  Bobby sat up on his bed holding his favorite stuffed bear He sniffled and said I asked Mom and Dad if I could have a tablet and they said NO Everyone has one but me Its not fair Grandpa asked Do you have any money saved to buy one Bobby Well no he answered I spent all of my money on comic books and candy  Grandpa said When I was a young boy if I wanted something I had to save up my allowance I did a lot of extra chores and Never mind all of that right now Grandma interrupted Let me tell you a story Bobby This is a story that my grandma told me when I was a little girl Bobby turned over on his back scrunching his pillow underneath his head  Grandma began All of the squirrels played together They chased each other up and down the trees all day long Up down up down and all around the branches at top speed They collected all kinds of different nuts while they played They cracked them open tossed them into their mouths and played some more