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The Three Swords

The Three Swords | Online Kid's Book
The Three Swords
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Get set for a rollicking, swashbuckling adventure of a story. This story has everything a good fairy tale should have--a handsome prince, beautiful ladies, evil spirits, magic swords and, best of all, a happy ending. So sit and enjoy a classic bed time fairy story, exquisitely illustrated by Fiona Hodgetts, it’s bound to become a family favorite.

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Pages: 60
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781493770557
Categories: Action Adventure, Bed Time, Fantasy
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: magic, heroes, swords, spirits, castles, sisters, adventure, fairytale
Date Added: April 18, 2014
THE THREE SWORDS A Fairy Tale Written By harris Tobias Illustrated by Fiona Hodgetts Copyright Casita Press Charlottesville VA all rights reserved This book is dedicated to my beautiful grandchildren Esme Eula Lilah Sadie Roman Part The Carpenters Daughters O nce there was a carpenter who lived with his three daughters in a small cottage on the edge of a vast dark forest The carpenter was a skilled furniture maker whose work was prized by the rich aristocrats in the city His name was Tom and he was a widower ever since his wife was lost in the forest He suspected she was taken by evil spirits who haunted the dark wood The three daughters names were Liana the youngest a dark haired dark eyed beauty of summers Adriana the middle child a gorgeous young woman of autumns had flaming red hair and sparkling green eyes and Pearl the oldest and perhaps the most beautiful daughter of Winters with fair skin blond hair and the palest blue eyes Tom and his three daughters worked together in the shop making furniture from wood they found in the forest and had hauled to the saw mill by the river The miller sawed the tree trunks into boards and Tom and the girls fashioned the lumber into chairs and chests and cabinets of excellent craftsmanship finely joined and polished pieces fit for a palace One day a wealthy prince arrived from the city and asked to see what furniture Tom had for sale He looked over a few pieces all the while examining the three young daughters His eyes mostly fell on Pearl who returned his gaze before looking away After looking over the carpenter s wares the Prince said he didnt see what he was looking for Tell me what it is you want said Tom I m sure my daughters and I can make it for you Oh I dont know said the Prince I m looking for something ver y special We can make anything said Tom anything at all Well said the Prince when I was born a soothsayer told my parents that I should lie on a bed made from the wood of a lightening struck tree sit on a ch