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The Journey that's Ours

The Journey that's Ours
The Journey that's Ours
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Teens and young adults of today are increasingly exposed to a wealth of sensory stimuli with iPads, cell phones, computers, TV, and the world of celebrity all competing for their time. This barrage of information tends to crowd out other essentials for healthy development – essentials such as self-belief, individuality, and the ability to stay true to oneself. The Journey That’s Ours aims to help young teens as they embark on their journey of self discovery. It introduces concepts such as how we think and how the mind attracts outcomes. In addition, mind-mapping, affirmations, choice and the understanding of conflict resolution are all touched upon in this instructional narrative.The Journey That’s Ours is a sequel to Hirson’s first 2 books, The Magic That’s Ours & The Power That’s Ours. The Journey That’s Ours continues the tale of adventurous siblings, Joel and Jina, with more exciting lessons from “Magic”, who guides them through both fun and testing times. Jina must negotiate the stumbling blocks preventing the realisation of a lifelong dream, all the while dealing with that most seminal of teen experiences – first love. Joel’s well being and self-belief is sorely tested as he faces the pain of losing his girlfriend, alienating his best friend, and dealing with internal strife. The Journey That’s Ours is an interactive book that includes “Personal Development” activities to flesh out the concepts introduced. It can simply be read as a story or used as an easy introduction to tools that can help young people celebrate their uniqueness and passions, setting them on the path to an adventurous life.

Book Details

Pages: 136
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-620-56087-0
Categories: Educational, Growing Up, Imagination
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: self-belief, conflict resolution, mind- mapping, gratitude, affirmations, writing skills, values
Date Added: July 3, 2013