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The Power that's Ours

The Power that's Ours
The Power that's Ours
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Setting goals, visualising success, and self-affirmation – all terms usually employed by adults on a self-improvement odyssey. Now a fun, beautifully illustrated and easy-to-digest book for kids, The Power That’s Ours, has been written to introduce children to these empowering concepts. The Power that’s Ours is a sequel to, The Magic that’s OursThe Power that’s Ours continues the tale of the adventurous siblings, Joel and Jina, with more exciting lessons from “Magic”, who guides them through both fun and testing times. Jina is helped by “Magic” as she nervously prepares for a show-jumping gymkhana. Joel in turn learns from his sister how to harness the power of positivity as he gears up for an important football match. The Power that’s Ours is illustrated by exceptional young Cape Town artist Carmen Ziervogel. Her evocative art adds enormous visual impact to the text, depicting in stunning clarity Joel and Jina’s learning quest with “Magic”. An interactive book with “Fun Time” activities at the end of each chapter, the book can simply be read as a story or used as a fun and easy introduction to goal-setting, visualisation, and affirmation.

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Pages: 78
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-620-43214-6
Categories: Educational, Growing Up, Imagination
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: goal-setting, visualization, affirmations, self-belief
Date Added: July 3, 2013
Gary H ir son The Power thats Ours Illustrations by Carmen Ziervogel The Power that s Ours Gary Hirson Illustrated by Carmen Ziervogel The Power that s Ours by Gary Hirson Published by Calm in Storm wwwcalminstormcom Copyright Calm in Storm PO Box Mill Street Cape Town 1st edition 2nd edition Ebook ISBN Written by Gary Hirson garygaryhirsoncom Cell Illustrated by Carmen Ziervogel carmenziervogelgmailcom All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without the written permission of the copyright holders Set in Adobe Caslon Pro and Afrika Potyi Designed and produced by Mousehand wwwmousehandcoza A bo ut th e author Gary Hirson is a photographer writer and entrepreneur with a keen interest in the magic of creativity His first book The Magic that s Ours helps children discover and explore the realm of imagination His second book The Power that s Ours hopes to introduce children to the concepts of goal setting visualisation and affirmation Oth er book s b y th e author The Magic that s Ours The Journey that s Ours Down The Line Photographic coffee table book W e b s it e s wwwcalminstormcom wwwgaryhirsoncom ac know l ed g em ent s Thanks to Janyce Weintrob for being such a good sound ing board editor and friend Catherine Normand Educational Psychologist whose expert opinion helped guide me with the final details of the book Robin Malan for his legal and very experienced input Isabel Essery for her time and valued input regarding the final edit Carmen Ziervogel for the fantastic illustrations Electric Book Works for the amazing design work Special thanks to Amy Falconer and Zac Abel whose great feedback reassured me that the story and message are more than acceptable Special acknowledgement is made to John Kehoe and Nancy Fischer for the term magical thinking as used on page  onwards John Kehoe Mind Power for Children