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Pugbug and the Ticklish Garden

Pugbug and the Ticklish Garden
Pugbug and the Ticklish Garden
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Pugbug finds just the right leafy spot to raise her family, only to discover the peculiar plants in the garden actually move when tickled! But can they protect each other from a swarm of aphids, sharp clippers, gusty wind and a  powerful rainstorm? See how this special symbiotic relationship unfolds, as both Pugbug and her plant pal demonstrate their own moments of resilience and weakness. The minimal word format allows even young readers to follow the story independently and perhaps learn something about not just nature, but human nature, as well. If you purchase the book, it comes with seeds so children can grow their own ticklish plants at home! 


olsonl's picture
This was a light-hearted look at the complex relationships plants and insects have which benefits them both. Actually including seeds for them to grow is an extra fun surprise!
astrongwater's picture
I love this book! Fun and beautiful images.
Kenda's picture
I love all of Laura Nadler Scott's books. The special relationships she develops with her characters are based on compassion and support. She takes a simple concept and creates a profound learning opportunity for the reader.
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"This beautifully illustrated book is a great way to excite children about the joys of growing plants and observing bugs and nature. Its unique format allows kids to process the story on their own, without having to know the words. Pugbug and the Ticklish Garden encourages children to take a closer look at plants and insects around them and to be more observant of nature’s interrelationships. PugBug’s reaction to the magical movement of the TickleMe Plant is very much the same as the response from the students in my classroom. Every student smiles when they see a real TickleMe Plant close its leaves and lower its branches after they have tickled it! Pugbug and the Ticklish Garden illustrates how the TickleMe Plant has a mutually beneficial relationship with Pugbug. The TickleMe Plant will provide a shelter from the storms for Pugbug and at the same time Pugbug protects the plant from harmful predatory insects. These kinds of symbiotic relationships actually occur in the real life of bugs and plants. Insects are crucial for the pollination of flowers that provide us with fruits to eat. This book will help children gain an awareness of the various challenges that bugs and plants encounter in their natural environment. Reading Pugbug and the Ticklish Garden while growing a TickleMe Plant from seed will be one experience your children (and you) will never forget. It may change the way your children look at and enjoys plants and insects ... forever." Mark Chipkin Elementary and Middle School Teacher

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-936172-54-2
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Environment, Mother Nature
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: insect, bug, nature, polen, plant
Date Added: June 18, 2013
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