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Peek-A-Boo At The Zoo Sound Book

Peek-A-Boo At The Zoo Sound Book
Peek-A-Boo At The Zoo Sound Book
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Learn what the all of the different zoo animals look and sound like in this colorful picture book featuring real images. Studies show that young learners find it easier to associate real-life animals to real images than to illustrations. From a lion to a parrot, this book teaches children about all of their furry zoo friends!  Words are highlighted as read, animals sounds are played for each animal and page corners turn upwards when it’s time to turn the page, making it easy to read along.

Book Details

Pages: 14
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781619382459
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational
Features: Illustrations, Narrations, Sounds
Keywords: sounds, noises, zoo, animals, fun, educational
Date Added: March 19, 2013