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Xist Publishing (Page 3)

Discover Volcanoes
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Does your child want to know more about volcanoes? This level 2 reader is a great choice for 1st and 2nd grade students...read more

Pages 37 Reads 16
Discover Turtles & Tortoises
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Discover Reading Level 3 Nonfiction Reader Learn all about turtles and tortoises in this nonfiction reader. Students will...read more

Pages 34 Reads 6
Discover the Circus
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 Discover the Circus in this Beginning Reader   Have you ever been to the circus? There are lots of things to see at the...read more

Pages 35 Reads 5
Discover Thanksgiving
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Discover Reading Early Reader Happy Thanksgiving! Read all about Thanksgiving in this Discover Reading Beginning Reader....read more

Pages 33 Reads 36
Discover South America
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Want to see the beautiful and exotic animals of South America? This level two reader features beautiful photographs and...read more

Pages 37 Reads 9
Discover Sewing
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Discover Reading Early Reader  Let's Sew and get Crafty!  Read all about dewing in this Discover Reading Beginning Reader...read more

Pages 35 Reads 1
Discover Science
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Discover Science! Learn all about the field of science and scientific research in this level 4 reader. Featuring...read more

Pages 33 Reads 1
Discover Ocean Animals
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Discover Reading Early Reader  Amazing Animals live in the Ocean Read all about ocean animals in this Discover Reading...read more

Pages 35 Reads 3
Discover Fireworks
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Discover Reading Early Reader  Ooh! Aaah!  People all over the world celebrate with fireworks.  From America's...read more

Pages 33 Reads 62
Discover Firefighters
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Discover Reading Early Reader  Firefighters have an important job to do! In this level 2 reader from Nancy Streza,...read more

Pages 37 Reads 77