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Buzzardillopossum LLC

The beautifully illustrated book is the first children's book in a planned series written by Kelly that showcases Faith, a Jack Russell Terrier with a skin disease that has left her with no hair on her head, her tail or her ankles. Some have said that Faith is an ugly dog, but Kelly and Faith refuse to believe them.Inspired by her rescue dog Faith, that she adopted seven years ago, the book tells the story of a little dog that has been told, and is convinces, that her ugliness on the outside means more than the kindness, sweetness and bravery that she has on the inside. After encountering a mean dog that bullies her and makes fun of her, and her transformation into the superhero "Buzzardillopossum", Faith realizes her true inner worth and value. However, did Faith dream this, or did it actually happen? Does it really even matter?Faith, the Ugly Dog is a heartfelt and inspiring tale of the imagination that will teach children, and remind adults, that what an individual looks like on the outside is not as important as the goodness an individual has on the inside. Written by Kelly Davis Beckley and illustrated by Anthony M. Grimaldi.