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¡Los niños aprenderán acerca de todas las diferentes máquinas que los agricultores utilizan cada día! “Camiones, more

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Los niños exploraran las maquinas monstruo incluyendo la excavadora, el tractor, aparejo grande, camión monstruo y more

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Let's Talk About Tractors
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What do gearheads have to say about tractors? Find out in this book about the mighty machines!

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Hey Mom Can I Be Big?
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Hey Mom Can I Be Big? Kale is back…but this time he wants to be big! Hang in there mom…he can’t make more

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Camiones, Aviones, y Trenes
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By boat, bus, truck or train – how do you get around town? In this story, children will discover all kinds more

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Huge Machines
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Children will love learning about all of the huge machines that farmers use everyday! In this colorfully illustrated more

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