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On the Day Our Klaire Bear Came to Town
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A new sibling is added to the family and her siblings(Kamille's Birthday Circus, Connor's First Safari and When more

Pages 24 Reads 6
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Collin begins to love cars as he rides in his little car stroller, he naps after sharing a ride with his sister more

Pages 30 Reads 10
Reading Quest - High in the Mountains of Ecuador and Other Travel Stories
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Travelers! A traveler shares what he learned about life in the Andes. Dad and Sam usually see Mom off when she leaves more

Pages 32 Reads 15
Reading Quest - Little Bunny: Terrific Teachers
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Teachers come in all shapes and sizes! Baby Bunny learns how to say the word "mine!" Little bunny teaches his cousin more

Pages 32 Reads 27
Average: 4 (1 vote)

Every Child Can be a Reading Star Time to say hello. A child says hello to family and pets as a way to start the more

Pages 25 Reads 40
Tania Makes Trouble
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This is book 25 of The Tania Series. Mama has been wanting to work for a while. Finally an opportunity more

Pages 16 Reads 8
Growing Up in a Grandfamily within Your Chosen Family Village
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Growing up isn’t easy, and when you don’t have your mom and dad around, it can seem even harder sometimes. But some more

Pages 32 Reads 76
Hamilton Troll meets Chatterton Squirrel
Average: 3 (3 votes)

Meet Chatterton Squirrel, the smallest in his family and the most frightened. While Chatterton's parents were more

Pages 44 Reads 77
An Explosive Beginning (Book #1 - Listening to your Parent’s Advice) - Neon Tiki Tribe - English
Average: 5 (2 votes)

Finally! Super Heroes action and excitement combined with educational story lines . A boy named Sam is running away more

Pages 32 Reads 112
What is Love?
Average: 4.2 (11 votes)

The second book in Etan Boritzer’s bestselling series on character education and social values. Communicating to more

Pages 38 Reads 193