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Snails, Scales & Animal Tales
Average: 5 (1 vote)

13 magical animal fables perfect for bed time reading.

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Pages 46 Reads 3
The Boy the Bear and the Fish
Average: 5 (1 vote)

A Classic Tale of Adventure and Surival! Off to find fortune, with three coins in his pocket, our hero must more

Pages 25 Reads 135
Average: 3 (1 vote)

I see a fish. The fish has fins. Beginning readers can learn all about fish in this short book in the I See more

Pages 16 Reads 38
Knock Knock, Blub Blub!
No votes yet

You'll bubble up with laughter in this funny joke book featuring fish, mermaids, and more water wonders.  Why did more

Pages 27 Reads 35
Funny Jokes for Kids
Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

 Do you often wonder what a ghost's nose is full of, or what a snowman eats for lunch? You don't? But does it keep you more

Pages 32 Reads 72
Average: 4 (1 vote)

Every Child Can be a Reading Star Time to say hello. A child says hello to family and pets as a way to start the more

Pages 25 Reads 30
Whale Sharks
Average: 5 (2 votes)

Whale sharks are huge filter feeders. They fill their mouths with water to collect food contents! In this book, more

Pages 32 Reads 190
Sand Tiger Sharks
Average: 5 (2 votes)

Sand tiger sharks are toothy trappers. They wait for prey to approach and then chomp! In this book, swim along more

Pages 32 Reads 26
Oceanic Whitetip Sharks
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Oceanic whitetip sharks are clever feeders. They follow pilot whales to food and also dine at shipwrecks! In this book, more

Pages 32 Reads 29
Nurse Sharks
No votes yet

Nurse sharks are weird eaters. They make slurping sounds when they suck up food! In this book, swim along with more

Pages 32 Reads 31