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¿Qué quiere ser cuándo crezca? En Cuando crezca, descubrirá cuantas cosas diferentes podrá hacer! (What do you want to be...read more

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A Pilot Flies Her Plane
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Listen to the story! Read the story! Sing the Story! “A Pilot Flies Her Plane,” includes the Read-along version of the...read more

Pages 38 Reads 9
When I Grow Up
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What do you want to be when you grow up?  A little boy explores being a doctor, dentist, singer, fire fighter, pilot,...read more

Pages 20 Reads 5
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A guide in rhyme to 16 jobs that people do. Learn what it’s like to be a Scientist, an Entrepreneur, an Engineer, and...read more

Pages 36 Reads 38
A Bee is What I Wanna Be
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So many choices, so many things to be when you grow up. All of the little bees have great ideas! A dentist, a...read more

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Discover Firefighters
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Discover Reading Early Reader  Firefighters have an important job to do! In this level 2 reader from Nancy Streza,...read more

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Discover Cowboys
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Discover Reading Early Reader  Giddy-Up! It's time to horse around with reading in this level 2 reader.  Kids will learn...read more

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The Bridge of the Golden Wood: A Parable on How to Earn a Living
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“Masterful … An immensely appealing book because of its readable style … and its realistic but soft Asian-style...read more

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What do you want to be when you grow up? Children will discover just how many different things you could be! Learn how to...read more

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