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Let's Play

Let's Play
Let's Play
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Help baby learn playtime words with this adorably-illustrated book. Black and white art and bursts of color will capture baby’s attention with large, simple pictures that encourage learning. Includes the following fun pictures: ball, car, rattle, teddy bear, blocks, boat, doll, and truck. Other books in the Baby’s First Learning Book series  include: My Day, “Ruff” says the Dog, and “Splash” goes the Hippo. 

Book Details

Pages: 12
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781619380073
Categories: Bed Time, Educational, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations, Narrations, Sounds
Keywords: playtime, words, baby, sight, childrens, ebooks, kids, fun, educational
Date Added: March 21, 2022