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THUMBS UP! Elliot Finds a Home

THUMBS UP! Elliot Finds a Home
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When an autistic child forms an exciting deep bond with a small dog who has thumbs onhis paws, the two experience adventures together. They discover that their unique conditions impact them with surprising advantages as well as disadvantages. The book's central characters are Elliot, a "deformed" Shetland Sheepdog born with opposable thumbs on his front paws, and Joseph, a nine-year-old boy with a congenital level on the Autism Spectrum. The series is told entirely from Elliot's POV as he watches Joseph through his daily struggles, while capturing the parallels between Elliot and Joseph's respective conditions. Elliot cannot run or perform other “normal” canine tasks as readily as most dogs, but he excels at things that other dogs struggle to do. Joseph struggles with social skills, but his condition helps him to out perform the neurologically normal at other tasks. Autism is portrayed not as a defect to be over come, but as a trait offering both advantages and disadvantages. Each of the show's episodes will follow Joseph and Elliot learning something valuable and new, as seen through the intelligent eyes of a sweet and lovable little dog. Thumbs UP! is a made for television series.

Book Details

Pages: 38
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 979-8684099342
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: autism, family books, spectrum, therapy dogs, kids books, children's books, family issues, social issues
Date Added: September 11, 2020