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How to Draw Ancient Greek Stuff Real Easy

How to Draw Ancient Greek Stuff Real Easy
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Learn to draw amazing, Ancient Greek stuff for school assignments, homework, fun or pleasure. Packed with carefully chosen drawing projects - each one beautifully illustrated, then broken down into simple, step by step examples and instructions that will have you illustrating and decorating your work with style and confidence.Draw the gods of Mount Olympus, mythical creatures, heroes and monsters. Wield your pencil like a Spartan warrior, drawing helmets, swords, armour and chariots. Design Ancient Greek fashion and everyday objects, then decorate your pages with gorgeous borders and patterns.Best-selling children's author, Shoo Rayner, visits schools all over the world, showing how to draw and illustrate. He is also an award-winning YouTuber, whose how-to-draw videos have been viewed millions and millions of times. You will also find his drawing videos on www.getepic.comSome of the drawings in this book will be complimented by videos on Ancient Greeks are a core unit of the Elementary and Primary Curriculum. This book is both a perfect complement to school studies and a drawing primer for those, of any age, who want to build and develop their illustration skills.Headings include: About Ancient Greek ArtTemples, Buildings & ColumnsMount Olympus - Kingdom of the GodsEveryday ObjectsMyths & LegendsTheatre MasksToysOlympicsMyths & MonstersGreek Pots and Border PatternsPegasus - King of the SkyFashion and ClothingHades and the UnderworldThe Signs of the ZodiacShields and HelmetsSwords & SoldiersBattle & WarfareShipsThe Labours of HerculesAtlasThe Greek Alphabet

Book Details

Pages: 54
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1908944399
Categories: Art, Educational, History
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: art, ancient greece, drawing, history, mythology, greek myths
Date Added: February 26, 2019