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Down The Plughole

Down The Plughole | Online Kid's Book
Down The Plughole
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Fiona Murphy and Michelle Last’s collaboration as poet and illustrator for ”˜Down the Plughole’ can be described in one  word, ”˜delightful’. These charming poems and drawings  demonstrate the strength and talent of both poet and illustrator. The words  and pictures will appeal to any young child and indeed will amuse adults as  well. The poems are fun but serious too. In ”˜Why Mum’ there are  questions about the universe that will be interest any child and prompt  thinking, ”˜Where does the sun go at night?’ In another poem the  moon says to the cloud, ”˜I can change the tide. What can you  do?’ And the cloud answers.Read the poem to find out the answer! The poems in this collection work on many levels and the bookdeserves a  place on any child’s book case.Wendy French

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Pages: 41
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: ISBN 978-09565328-8-6
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Family & Friends, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: dragons, spaceship, ducks, mum, curly hair, witch
Date Added: August 4, 2015
Down the Plughole Fiona Fiona Murphy lives in Milton Keynes She loves animals and all things sparkly Her favourite subject at school was writing stories and poetry Michelle Michelle Last lives in Leicester Ever since she can remember she has enjoyed drawing She also loves reading drinking tea and would one day like to own a cat  Down The Plughole a collection of childrens poems By Fiona Murphy and Michelle Last  Down the Plughole First published in Great Britain in by Poetry Space Ltd in paperback Fiona Murphy poems and Michelle Last illustrations All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system photocopied or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior permission from the publisher Poetry Space Ltd Company No Registered office 21Davis Close Barrs Court Bristol BS30 7BU  To my children Jordan and Declan To Richard and Mum and Dad thanks for your support To Carl Vicky Albie and Henry who inspired me and Michelle Last for bringing my poems to life Fiona To Rich for always being there for me To my friends and family for your support And especially to Fiona without you I would nev er have gone Down the Plughole  Contents Michelle  Ducks In Trouble Curls A Dragons Song High in the Sky Pirates Dont Cry School Time Dinosaur Ailments        Sisterly Sharing Shopping with Mum Socks Have Feelings Too Toddlers Tales Rockets Rule Halloween Party        Ducks in Trouble I am stuck here in a puddle Standing on one leg Not sure where my nest is Or if I can lay an egg