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Mushroom Tales Volume 1 - Rules of Gold

Mushroom Tales Volume 1 - Rules of Gold | MagicBlox Online Kid's Book
Mushroom Tales Volume 1 - Rules of Gold
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LEARNING to READ is EXCITING!  SHARING TIME and a LAUGH is GREAT FUN!  Mushroom Tales add a verse with a message,That will last when the lesson is done!  Mushroom Tales share character building stories with rhyming verse and colorful, comical illustrations.  Each Tale offers a connection to download free Coloring Pages & Vocabulary Building Puzzles.  Our guiding principle is to teach and demonstrate the Three L's of Mushroom Tales: To Love, To Laugh & To Learn.  Coming soon for each new volume, Printed Books, Spanish + English version, Audio/Video in either DVD or Downloadable File. 

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Pages: 14
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Bed Time, Family & Friends, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: rhyming, funny, character enhancement, lesson, vocabulary, coloring pages
Date Added: March 29, 2014
Presents MUSHROOM TALES Volume Copyright  Rules of Gold Mushrooms by Connie Robayo Tales by Dave Freeman Mushroom Parents Page Thank you for joining us for this latest Mushroom Tales Adventure where we like to say LEARNING to READ is EXCITING SHARING Time a LAUGH is GREAT FUN Mushroom Tales Add a verse with a message That will last when the lesson is done We are proud to be invited to share a special moment with you and your YOUNG MUSHROOM READERS May we continue to work together teaching children everywhere the importance of the Three Ls of Mushroom Tales To LOVE To LAUGH and To LEARN Dedicated to our own Mushroom Parents Who have always lovingly filled our lives with laughter and an appreciation for the importance of Kindness Respect and Caring We reach out with our own Tales to share that lesson and to Pay It Forward And To Colton Freeman For loving Mushrooms as much as we do The Golden Rule A rule is an idea That serves as a guide A suggestion to follow Both here and world wide The golden part says Its special and true Do Unto Others What youd have others Do Unto You What goes around bounces back Some people will say If you do it to others It will come back your way Or Im rubber and youre glue Goes one childrens verse Your words go out and bounce back Sometimes even worse